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Bev Milun Optometrists, established in 2006, trading as the Wedge Optometrists since 2011, is a family and corporate practice that focuses on delivering clear and comfortable vision to our patients. We strive to provide high quality and personalised service based in the Morningside region of Johannesburg.

We make sure to be well stocked with all the latest designer frames from eyewear brands, including Jimmy Choo, Swarovski, Ray Ban, Silhouette, Stepper, Vogue, Vera Wang, Oga, Oxibis, Dilem, Diesel, Guess, Lacoste, Lee Cooper and more. We also have a large selection of branded sunglasses and SPORTS designer eyewear of Rudy Project and Sziols.

Our goal is to help you see your best, look your best and feel your best! We aim to be your complete eye care provider, committed to the general health of your eyes and maintaining a lifelong relationship.

At The Wedge Optometrist's You Can Expect

Friendly and dedicated staff who welcome everyone and offer a cappuccino, tea, coffee or even hot chocolate…

Devoted service and our guarantee to strive for excellence in meeting your needs… We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of optical quality by utilizing the latest technology in lenses, chosen specific to each patient…

WE look forward to YOU seeing clearly!

The Wedge Optometrist's

Has earned a reputation of excellence by providing our patients with dedicated services and products, at a reasonable price – without any sacrifice to quality. You can feel confident, that we will keep going until you’re satisfied with the result.

You will get a comprehensive service, at a well-established practice, under the care of a dedicated Optometrist.

Our Service

A complete eye examination involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. Optometrists use a wide variety of tests and procedures, which range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests, such as using a high-powered lens to visualise the tiny structures inside your eyes.

A comprehensive eye examination can take an hour or more, depending on the number and complexity of tests required to fully evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes.

Contact lens examinations include procedures to allow your optometrist to thoroughly investigate the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. If you are a contact lens wearer, it is important to make sure that your lenses fit your eyes and correct your vision properly. Regular eye examinations, about once a year, allow your optometrist to monitor any changes to your vision before they become serious.

In addition to a comprehensive eye examination, a contact lens examination will involve measurements and an initial contact lens fitting

Many eye diseases have no early symptoms. They may be painless, and you may see no change in your vision until the disease has become quite advanced.

The single best way to protect your vision is through regular professional eye examinations. Of course, between examinations, if you notice a change in your vision – or you think your eye may be injured in any way – contact your eye care professional immediately.

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